The sizing chart below is a reference only. Please use as much information from this chart to choose your preferred size.

Strap Numbers /

We use strap numbers (located on the plug underneath the sole) for size referencing. You can see the corresponding strap numbers to sizes below. Eg. S3 = Strap Size 3.


US 6/7   /   EUR 39/40   (25.7cm)  — S2

US 8/9   /   EUR 41/42   (26.5cm)  — S3

US 10/11  /   EUR 43/44   (28.5cm)  — S3

US 12/13   /   EUR 45/46   (29.7cm)  — S4

US 14/15   /   EUR 47/48   (30.7cm)  — S4


US 4/5    /   EUR 35/36   (23.5cm)  — S1

US 6/7   /   EUR 37/38   (24.5cm)  — S1

US 8/9   /   EUR 39/40   (26.3cm)  — S2

US 10/11   /   EUR 41/42   (27cm)  — S2

How do I get the perfect fit?

We suggest using the 'cm' measurement to help work out your sizing. Everybody likes to wear their Thongs differently. It's always a beautiful thing to know your size before you buy!

Measure diagonally from the centre of the heel to the highest point of the toe (as shown below). It's a little easier to measure the underside of the sole so your straps don't get in the way! Measurements are made in centimetres (cm). Some minor variation may occur.