How do I know my Thongs size?

All Thongs are in US & European sizing. It's what people know, so what's the point in trying to reinvent the wheel. We're keeping it simple. Fo more info, you can size yourself up and get the perfect fit here.


Australian Made Thongs?

That's right! We're proud to be 100% Australian made, owned and inspired. Our production facility in Melbourne gives us better control over the process and quality of our products. We believe Thongs are a quintessential piece of Australian culture. An Australian icon should be Australian made. Simple.

Cleaning my Thongs?

Treat your Thongs with respect and give them a good clean every now and then. Dip your Thongs in water with detergent for a few minutes. Use a non abrasive soft sponge to wash, then give them a rinse and you're back on the road, trail, beach, wherever! Do not put them into a washing machine, this can damage the product. there's just no need for it. 

Do you do other colours?

You can choose any colour you like, as long as it's black! We're focussed on the classic essential black thong. In our humble opinion we think it's a versatile, timeless & stylish colour that goes with almost anything. Keep it simple. Keep it black.  

How long does a pair of Thongs last?

How long is a piece of string? It really depends on a few factors, like frequency of use, type of use, type of floor/ground, product care, among others.

As part of our Quality Guarantee, replacements can be analysed and processed up to six months after purchase subject to fair use guidelines. Fair use excludes mishandling, or conducting strenuous activities whilst wearing Thongs (e.g. playing football, hiking, etc). In such instances Thongs Australia reserves the right to refuse a replacement.

Can I buy additional straps?

Sorry, but we don't sell straps and soles separately. 

Are Thongs quality tested?

Yes! We perform rigorous lab tests to ensure your Thongs are of the most premium quality and durability before leaving the factory. We're about quality over quantity.

Can I customise and resell Thongs?

Thongs Australia is a proprietary brand and any customisation that is not made by the company itself is illegal. Illegal customisation does not offer quality control and represents a risk for consumers. Thongs Australia does not support any kind of customisation made without the approval and prior consent of Thongs Australia. Basically, don't risk it.